Our vision

At ORSOFT, we believe that a strategic vision is only valid if it is achievable.

By drawing inspiration from the knowledge of the company and its realities, by putting people at the heart, by associating them with the best of technology.

We are committed alongside our clients to design visionary digital transformation strategies that can be truly activated, those that produce concrete and lasting benefits for the company, its employees, its customers and society.

Because invention is the key to meeting business challenges.

Because digital transformation must have a positive impact for everyone.

Together for useful and sustainable digital solutions.

Our values

Supporting companies to take better advantage of digital.


We work with our customers and partners in a sustainable and reliable way. "Say what we do and do what we say" is our guideline to ensure that our teams are committed to every topic.


Our freedom is always a fight, always to be defended. We believe that obstacles are created to be overcome and that we should not be afraid to face them.


We place all our trust in our employees, so that they provide an agile and reliable service to our customers. In this way, we create a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers, based on transparency and loyalty.


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