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Promote your business with SEO


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, a company, .. who has or wishes to have an existence on the Internet through a website, you should start thinking about SEO.

Improving SEO will help you grow and scale your business in different aspects:

  • Drive more eyeballs (visibility) to your website.
  • Credibility through recognition and referral.
  • attract more customers.

Therefore, SEO should be a high priority for businesses regardless of their business.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is defined as a process of improving the ranking of your website in the search results of a search engine.

This process contains multiple practices that require different skills such as web development, marketing, business strategy and content writing…

Steps to Improve SEO

Value Proposition

Keep Your Bounce Rate low by attracting only potential customers by writing a content that is mainly highlighted by your value propostion and what service your business that do the best.

Business Location

For businesses that have a physical location or serve a geographic area. Don't forget to list your business on Google My Business to appear on Maps. This solution will help you to be visible in a specific place.

In this case, most users are potential customers. To build a healthy SEO and better rankings you need to:

  • Provide more information to the user by defining attributes (hours of operation, services offered and more…)
  • Request for Reviews and Reply to Them. Most users read reviews before they visit the business website or purchase an offer. Make sure to request for reviews and don’t don’t forget to reply to the ones who left their feedback.
    • If it's a positive review → Thank them.
    • If the review reports a problem or is not very friendly. Solve the problem by asking them about it. Once resolved, ask him if he agrees to change the previous rating or review.

Build Credibility through SEO

The final phase of your continious SEO improvements is to gain recognition form other sources where they referred to one of your services, products or your business in general. Well that call Backlinks. Search engines regard the quantity of backlinks as your popularity on the Internet and the quality of backlinks as the reputation to validate your website as a reliable source.

Building a network of high quality backlinks takes time and effort and it is considered as the most difficult phase of SEO improvement.


Improving SEO can be a long and tedious process where there are too many technical details, content writing and marketing strategy design are needed to achieve higher rankings. But every improvement is worth the effort in favor of your business.

At Orsoft, we can save the time and hassle of this process. Request a free audit report containing an analysis of your business activity and how you can improve your visibility on the Internet.


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